By Alfred Saiki

Bernard Mundi’s goal in the 12th minute was all Plateau United needed to get all three points in their first home match against Heartland at the New Jos Stadium on Sunday. Plateau United won 1-0.

With a 2-1 loss against Shooting Stars in Ibadan on Matchday 1, the ‘Peace Boys’ knew a victory at home was non-negotiable.

Before Mundi’s goal, Plateau United had made their intentions known as early as the fifth minute when Barnabas Daniel’s shot hit the crossbar when Heartland could not clear their lines from a Daniel Itodo throw-in.

In his reaction, Plateau United head coach, Mbwas Mangut accepted that there was an improvement from his team’s first match, but insisted there was still work to be done.

“There was improvement from our first game against Shooting Stars where we sat too deep. But today we had a different approach as we were able to play better, but I can see we still have a lot of work to do as we had a lot of chances we didn’t take.

“It’s good that we are creating the chances, so we have to work on our finishing.”

On his part, Heartland head coach, Christian Obi, accepted that his team didn’t play well and praised his opponent.

“This is the second game in the league and obviously my team didn’t play well today. I think the home team did well. They were faster to the ball than my boys. And when they lose the ball, they press and get the ball and start playing again. It is what my team could not do. And I give kudos to them,” Obi said.

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October 8, 2023
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